COVID Real Estate Market Impact

Painting a Clearer Picture of COVID-19’s Impact on the Market

How COVID-19 is impacting Real Estate markets

Today I’m reporting to you from inside my house (no surprise there) with an update on our local market as we surpass Day 45 of lockdown. Our goal is to share some interesting insights to help our clients and colleagues come up with actionable strategies for buying and selling amid a pandemic. Not only will we expand on the methods our team is using to continue to sell houses effectively, but I’ll also share some rather promising statistics. Yes, things slowed down, but probably not to the degree you’d expect. In March, we helped 12 clients who wanted to close escrow and 10 more who wanted to open escrow. Here in April, we’re seeing that roughly two to three times a week a buyer or seller reaches out to us to get the ball rolling and sell their home.