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The Taylor team’s unique geographic footprint lends massive advantages to clients who buy, sell and invest in real estate with the Taylor Team.

The Taylor team began in 2004 in Tucson, AZ with the simple thought that a responsive, needs based approach to real estate services could be a true differentiator in the market. From 2004-2012 over 750 satisfied clients were evidence that the approach was a worthy one and we expanded to Southern California. As the team continues to grow and leverage technology we have launched our Austin office in 2020, bringing the same service minded approach to our central TX

The advantage for clients lies within the transitory relationship between these 3 markets. It’s quite often that CA residents look to relocate to AZ and TX and that AZ and TX residents look to relocate to CA. Furthermore, Austin and Southern California are two of the most competitive real estate markets in the country and the tactics that are learned and practiced in those markets create a competitive advantage for our Tucson clients. Across the board this is a unique value of our organization and is truly a win win win for all parties.

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